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I Know I've Got A Big Ego...
I Really Don't Know Why It's Such A Big Deal, Though. ♡
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28th-Sep-2012 11:38 am - Ohai look at my face.
Marie Antoinette_Hair

Hey guys! I just realized I never posted a picture of my hair. I came home from school yesterday to get something fixed on my car and stayed overnight. My parents loved my hair and my dad took a picture to send to my grandma, aunt, and little brother (I kid you not.) Anyway here I am with my pink hair!

Whee my face! I'm in love with my pink hair you guys.

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14th-Jun-2012 10:11 am - Thoughts After Yesterday's Storm.
One Direction_Most Beautiful Face

I'm pissed. Pissed and insulted. This woman doesn't even know me and she's assuming things about me (I don't know how much work is involved in running a barn? I've been working at my schools barn since August! I spent more time at that barn than at home! I gave up VACATIONS WITH MY FAMILY)

Don't give me the guilt thing either. I'm not your fucking kid. NOR am I a paid worker. I'm a volunteer. I have a paying job that is also important. I'm sorry your barn is a lot of work and you're out there on holidays but that's the commitment you made.

Also if you wanted me there a specific number of days each week you should have told me! I was under the impression I could come on my days off/when It was convenient. No big deal.

Also feel free to text me if you're swamped. Or, you know, don't ignore the texts I send you after a busy holiday weekend. (I WORKED.)

Also I didn't fucking take advantage of you.

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17th-Jun-2004 07:06 pm - Friends Only
Marie Antoinette_Vogue
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Please comment to be added. I want to know why we should be friends.
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